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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on 2019-01-10 13:49:54

Usually it takes two days to get it deliverd after placing the order.

  1. Chose  the product.
  2. clik on the "Add to  cart" button (your product will be added to the cart.)
  3. Finalize the deal or click on "back to shop " for more purshase.
  4. Your order will be delivered within the next 2 days.

the  delivery cost depends upon weight of product and location.

our company takes quality very seriously so we don't compermise regarding on quality.

firstly  we would like to recomeded that to know return and refund policy then you can return by calling our customer service.

we accept  card on our website. pay on delivery and through bank deposit for this

Dokanonlieshopping pvt.ltd

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Esewa id : 9851143360

your delivery information is sent to ups immediately after your order is processed, so it's difficult to change but to some extent it may be possible.

you will receive an order confirmation number.

Dokanonlineshopping is 100% safe. you dont need to be worry.

yes and no, we are not sure but as mush as possible we will provide the service as you want, you can call at 9851143360.