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Anti Blackhead Package

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Product Details

Main Ingredient: Glycerin, Propanediol, Sodium Hyaluronat   
Model Number: BIOAQUA   
Gender: Unisex   
Used Part: Nose   
Mask Form: Cream   
Feature: Whitening,Acne Treatment,Pore Cleaner   
Here is the instruction of using this product.
  1.STEAM your face! If anything, wet a towel and microwave it then place it over your nose/face wherever to make your pores loose and soft. Afterwards, apply TUBE #1 which is Step1 export blackhead. Wet through your cotton with TUBE #1 and Leave it on and wait about 8-10 minutes (it's going to further soften and open up your pores). When done, rinse the product off and make sure to get it completely off!
  2.WET your face! Make sure it's wet not even damp - WET. Apply TUBE #2 Step2 black sucked out. Open up, and I could see black liquid inside. Make sure it's a solid layer. Wait for it to be COMPLETELY dry. Not even if you have a tiny circle. If it's somewhat wet, leave it! Make sure it's absolutely dry. Then peel from BOTTOM -> TOP!!!! Not from the side, not from top. From the VERY BOTTOM! (make sure your hands are clean and free from bacteria before doing this)
  3.Wash off any excess pieces of the mask you have left. Pat dry with CLEAN TOWEL. Apply TUBE #3 Step3 PORE MOISTURIZING LOTION to get your pores back to regular size.
After one use, your face was noticeably brighter and felt smoother plus softer! Your white heads that were on the surface was gone! I mean I still had some left over but my skin felt smooth!