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Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

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Product Description

Black Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste Oral Hygiene Remove bad Breath Bacteria to Prevent Oral Ulcers to Protect Whitening Teeth
What are the oral problems of bamboo charcoal active toothpaste?
Tooth yellowing, dental malformations, dental caries, bad breath, mouth odor, mouth ulcers, gum bleeding, gingival swelling and pain, periodontitis and other 

oral problems.
Bamboo Charcoal Black Toothpaste Why is it black? Which added the pigment? Bamboo charcoal black toothpaste will not stain the teeth?
Bamboo charcoal black toothpaste in the black, is due to the body of bamboo charcoal activity caused by C ions, are charcoal color, do not add any pigment, and bamboo charcoal activity of C ions have more than three times the adsorption capacity of activated carbon, and gradually softened, Stubborn stains
What is the main role of bamboo charcoal black toothpaste?
Bamboo charcoal black toothpaste because of its unique five characteristics and much Chinese consumers praise: A adsorption plaque – super clear tooth stains, whitening teeth; clear bad breath, fresh air; B insect repellent – completely kill oral inflammation, Prevention and treatment of oral ulcers, inhibition of gum bleeding; C release of energy – effectively promote oral metabolism, improve oral immunity; D nutritional supplements – nutritional gingival, prevention and treatment of gingival atrophy, prolong dental life; E purification treatment – to improve the oral environment, Oral disease occurs.
How long will bamboo charcoal toothpaste see the effect?
Use the same time, you can feel the oral comfort, oral cleansing and the use of other toothpaste different. A kind of mouth is very fresh and clean feeling. And to improve the various diseases of the mouth, you need to be based on the situation of each person’s oral problems, but long-term adherence, can really improve the oral various types of problems.

How long will the bamboo charcoal toothpaste whiten?
According to the situation of each person, mild teeth yellow and black 7-10 days can be seen to improve, improve long-term smoking, tea, drink coffee, etc. caused by the depth of the teeth yellow and black!
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