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Multipurpose Wooden Table

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Brand: Multipurpose Wooden Laptop Table Without Fan Lapdesks

Manufactured In: 2019

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Multipurpose Wooden Laptop Table Without Fan Lapdesks

  • Cuts are made on table to keep laptop cool & works as heat vents
  • A natural way to cool OFF the Laptop without using electricity-GO
  • Drawer on side to keep CD etc
  • With Sidemini table for External Mouse
  • Multipurpose Folding Table Multipurpose folding table is a perfect study table for kids. It is available in various angles for various purposes like reading / writing / painting / drawing etc


के तपाई आफ्नो Laptop चलाउदा काख मा राखेर चलाउने गर्नुभाको छ | यदि छ भने तपाइको सचेत हुनुहोला त्यो त्यो बानि आजनै हटाउनु होला किनकि हाम्रो Health मा गम्बिर असर गर्नसक्छ तेस्को लागि हामीले लेरायाको छौ Wooden Laptop Table only