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Six Pack Care with Paddle

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Six Pack Care is one of the best fitness machines that acts on your entire core to give you the perfect six pack abs that you have always dreamt of. Central handles make press-ups possible. You can align your head and neck comfortably while the rolls provide you with a light massage every time that you exercise. Six Pack Care is equipped with chest expanders which strengthen your arms, upper muscles and back. Its 360 º rotating seat makes exercise of oblique muscle possible.

  • Full Abdominal, crunch and Sit-Up Exerciser
  • Effective exercise for Back, Shoulder, Arms and Leg



  • Made of light strong Steel
  • Easy to store
  • Arm Straps and Head Rest Included
  • Adjustable in Length between 45" to 54"
  • Designed to provide dual resistance
  • Allows 6 different types of workout
  • Perfect for those with back problem