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The Slimslider 360™ Total Body Makeover

  • Exclusive “Ball & Joint” design for smooth, natural leg movements in any direction.
  • Strong, steel frame with 300 lb. weight limit.
  • Large, anti-slip pedals put you in securely in control at all times.
  • Sweat resistant, foam padded handles Silent, fluid movement.
  • NOW INCLUDES: Personal training computer that tracks strides, elapsed time and calories used.
  • The SlimStrider 360’s beautiful curves fit in a space only 21” by 30”.
  • “Slimline” folding design wheels away and stores easily in any closet.
  • Brenda’s exclusive DVD with 3 complete, SlimStrider360 workouts.
  • Assembly tools, Owner’s manual included.
  • Featuring the Patened “BALL & JOINT” design for 360 degree movement

Bikes, treadmills and ellipticals only move your legs in 1 direction. But, our hips and legs have been designed to move through 360 degrees.

It’s advanced features let’s you move your legs smoothly through 360 degrees, just as nature intended. You’ll get a very effective fat burning workout plus greatly improved flexibility, while tightening and toning your abs, hips, buns, thighs and hamstrings.
Brenda shows you step-by-step how to move your legs to train these muscle groups

  • Forward to work Hip Flexors
  • Backwards to build Hip Extensors
  • Away from the body to strengthen Hip Rotators and Abductors
  • Toward the body to improve Hip Abductors
  • In a 360 degree circle to build flexibility and strengthen the entire Hip Joint
  • Plus, multiple combinations of the above