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HD Night Vision Glasses

Rs.800 Rs.1250
HD नाइट भिजन Glasses जस्ले तपाईंको यत्रालाई सुरक्षित बनाउछ

  धुलो नटासिने राति पनि उज्यालो देखाउने 
  राती हुने दुर्घट्ना बाट जोगाउने चस्मा
  बिपरित दिसाबाट आयको साधनहरु राम्रोसग देखाउछ
 महिला पुरुष दुबै ले लगाउँ मिल्ने


Product details of HD Night View Glasses

  • ✔ Night view glasses
  • ✔ Specially coated yellow lenses block night-time glare
  • ✔ Great for any weather
  • ✔ Virtually indestructible
  • ✔ Reduces eyestrain
  • ✔ 100% UVA & UVB

Turn Your Night Into Bright!

Fit For : Men and Women
Fashion style Fit for most people
Perfect as a gift for your friends
Nice gift idea.



Size : Regular
- Frame Material: Alloy Metal
- Lens Technology: Resin
- Protection: UV400
- High: 6.5cm
- Single Lense's Width : 5.5cm
- Total Length: 15cm
- Nose spacing: 2cm
Color : As pictures show

1.Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.
2.The colors may have difference as the different display,pls understand.
Pls make sure you do not mind before you bid.


Massage Pen | Relief Pain Tools

Rs.1499 Rs.1999

Electronic Acupuncture Pen | Relief Pain Tools

🔥American प्रभिधिको Electronic Acupuncture Pen!!!🔥
🔥 यसले शरीरको विभिन्न भाग जस्तै -हात ,खुट्टा ,ढाड आदिको दुखाइ कम गर्दछ।
🔥 यसलाई तपाईंहरुले facial beauty र health care को लागि पनि सजिलै प्रयोग गर्न सक्नु हुन्छ।
🔥 यसले शरीरको रक्त संचारमा मदत गर्नुका साथै अचानक लगेका भित्री चोटपटकहरुको दुखाइ लाई कम गर्दछ ।
🔥 हात झमझमाउने समस्या देखि छटकरा दिलाउछ।


About the product


With our acupuncture machine you will get benefits of acupuncture therapy in comfort of your house with no needles and no pain. Our electronic acupuncture pen is completely safe for personal use. Requires one AA batteries(not included ); Promotes blood circulation of your skin to give you the rejuvenated, radiant and youthful look.


Our electric acupuncture tool comes with 3 unique head and has 9 adjustable levels of intensity to satisfy your needs and an auto turn off feature to prevent over-heating and save energy. Dome type: Applicable for health care and facial beautification. Node type: Applicable for partial body pains. Spheroidal: Applicable for quickly alleviating pain.No needles Easily focus on pain areas Stress relief and relaxation adjustable intensity controls.


With frequent use of this electronic back massager you will be able to reduce pain, boost your mood, relax, improve your skin condition, and prevent premature aging. Fusion of modern high quality massage pen, good for health promotion. Simple operation, easy to carry.Safe and effective, with no side effects.


The electric acupuncture pen trigger point massager is a proven method for treatment of pain, especially chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Auto-detection of meridian energy points, adjustable sensitivity, intensity and frequency controls for personalized treatment. The effectiveness of treatment is back by both Chinese traditional medicine and western science.


Contact with us if there has any problems or questions. We will give you a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase.We value customer satisfaction above all else.


Sauna Stream Bath Bag Portable

Rs.0 Rs.0

Directions for use:

In portable steam sauna, assemble the frame, then place the cloth cover over the frame. Connect steam pipe to the steamer pot. Fill the Steamer Pot compartment with tap water up to the indicated maximum water level. In portable steam sauna bath you could add a few drops of essential oils at this stage. Connect the Steamer Pot â??s main plug into a convenient socket. Set the timer to 15 minutes or as comfortable to you.


The Steamer Pot will start producing sufficient steam for a steam bath after about 5-10 minutes. Most people choose to take a steam bath for around 10-15 minutes. Place a suitable plastic chair inside the steam bath, sit down and enjoy your STEAM LIFE. After use always wipe the inside of the cover with a dry cloth. Do not put away damp.



✔ Help Burns Calories & controls weight

✔ Help Removes Toxins & Mineral Wastes

✔ Help Relieves Pain

✔ Help Improves the Immune System Good for joint pain & stiffness

✔ Help Improve blood circulation & strengthens the cardiovascular system

✔ Help Reduces Stress and Fatigue

✔ Help Improve skin,Glow Your Skin


🔥स्टिम बाथ लिदा हाम्रो शरीरलाई विभिन्न समस्या र रोगहरुबता मुक्त गर्न ठुलो भूमिका खेल्छ । 
🔥हाम्रो शरीरको toxin बाट विभिन्न रोगका वा फोरका कितानुहरु निकाल्ने काम गर्छ ।
🔥चर्म रोग,बाथ रोग,युरिक एसिड र थकान मेटौना साथै स्वाथ्य सुन्दर्यको लागि हप्तामा 

3 In 1 Dolphin Body Massager

Rs.1800 Rs.


  • High performance
  • Less power consumption
  • Superior functionality



Dolphin Infrared Full Body Massager by lovato provides relief from tired aching muscles, strain and pain. Uniquely shaped body design and streamlined handle allow the user to easily knead. Heat therapy through infrared helps to reduce stress and improves circulation. Consumes less power, massagers are light in weight, portable and easy to carry & on the go.
With our rich industry experience in this domain we are able to trade a vast assortment of Dolphin Body Massager Machine.

Top Brand Maxtop 3 In 1 Magic Complete Dolphin Body Massager  
संपूर्ण शरीरको दुखाई तथा कामको थकान जस्ता समस्याको समाधान गर्ने Massager जसले राख्छ तपाईको सम्पूर्ण परिवारलाई दुखाई र थकान बाट राख्छ टाडा |
👉 Home, Office सबै ठाउंमा उपयुक्त 
👉 सम्पूर्ण शरीर Massage गर्न मिल्ने

Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

Rs.1199 Rs.

Teeth Whitening charcoal


Teeth Whitening charcoal ले दातमा रहेको किटाणु हटाउनुको साथै दातलाई स्वास्थ र चमकिलो बनाउंछ |


Electronic Cigarette

Rs.1199 Rs.
  • ✔ Has 1 hour charging and use till 4 hour
  • ✔ Metal steel body
  • ✔ Comes with charger
  • ✔ Capacity of 10 ml liquid & changable different flavour liquid.


सजिलै चुरोटको लत छुटाउनको लागि कुनै हानि नगर्ने इलेक्ट्रिक सिग्रेट।

✔ मूल्य : 1199/- (Original) 
✔ यो सिग्रेट प्रयोग गरी चुरोटको नशा सजिलै छुटाउन सकीने ! 
✔ स्वाथ्यलाई चुरोटको जस्तो गरि नराम्रो असर नगर्ने र पैसाको बचत हुने ! 
✔ चार्ज गर्न मिल्ने र विभिन्न फ्लेभरको लिक्युड फेरि फेरि एउटै सिग्रेट महिनौ सम्म प्रयोग गर्न सकिने!! 


Knee Warmer

Rs.900 Rs.

Fleece to keep your knee warm

  • • For winter
  • • For people with knee pain
भित्र भुवा भएको Knee Warmer
महिला पुरुष दुवै का लागी 

Massage Pillow

Rs.2500 Rs.3000

Product Details

Car And Home Massage Pillow (CHM-8028) Overview and Specifications
Car And Home Massage Pillow (CHM-8028) Available at Symbios.pk at low price see below for more information about Car And Home Massage Pillow (CHM-8028) 


Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste

Rs.1299 Rs.1800

Product Description

Black Bamboo Charcoal Toothpaste Oral Hygiene Remove bad Breath Bacteria to Prevent Oral Ulcers to Protect Whitening Teeth
What are the oral problems of bamboo charcoal active toothpaste?
Tooth yellowing, dental malformations, dental caries, bad breath, mouth odor, mouth ulcers, gum bleeding, gingival swelling and pain, periodontitis and other 

oral problems.
Bamboo Charcoal Black Toothpaste Why is it black? Which added the pigment? Bamboo charcoal black toothpaste will not stain the teeth?
Bamboo charcoal black toothpaste in the black, is due to the body of bamboo charcoal activity caused by C ions, are charcoal color, do not add any pigment, and bamboo charcoal activity of C ions have more than three times the adsorption capacity of activated carbon, and gradually softened, Stubborn stains
What is the main role of bamboo charcoal black toothpaste?
Bamboo charcoal black toothpaste because of its unique five characteristics and much Chinese consumers praise: A adsorption plaque – super clear tooth stains, whitening teeth; clear bad breath, fresh air; B insect repellent – completely kill oral inflammation, Prevention and treatment of oral ulcers, inhibition of gum bleeding; C release of energy – effectively promote oral metabolism, improve oral immunity; D nutritional supplements – nutritional gingival, prevention and treatment of gingival atrophy, prolong dental life; E purification treatment – to improve the oral environment, Oral disease occurs.
How long will bamboo charcoal toothpaste see the effect?
Use the same time, you can feel the oral comfort, oral cleansing and the use of other toothpaste different. A kind of mouth is very fresh and clean feeling. And to improve the various diseases of the mouth, you need to be based on the situation of each person’s oral problems, but long-term adherence, can really improve the oral various types of problems.

How long will the bamboo charcoal toothpaste whiten?
According to the situation of each person, mild teeth yellow and black 7-10 days can be seen to improve, improve long-term smoking, tea, drink coffee, etc. caused by the depth of the teeth yellow and black!
Chat Conversation End 


Anti Blackhead Package

Rs.1599 Rs.1800

Product Details

Main Ingredient: Glycerin, Propanediol, Sodium Hyaluronat   
Model Number: BIOAQUA   
Gender: Unisex   
Used Part: Nose   
Mask Form: Cream   
Feature: Whitening,Acne Treatment,Pore Cleaner   
Here is the instruction of using this product.
  1.STEAM your face! If anything, wet a towel and microwave it then place it over your nose/face wherever to make your pores loose and soft. Afterwards, apply TUBE #1 which is Step1 export blackhead. Wet through your cotton with TUBE #1 and Leave it on and wait about 8-10 minutes (it's going to further soften and open up your pores). When done, rinse the product off and make sure to get it completely off!
  2.WET your face! Make sure it's wet not even damp - WET. Apply TUBE #2 Step2 black sucked out. Open up, and I could see black liquid inside. Make sure it's a solid layer. Wait for it to be COMPLETELY dry. Not even if you have a tiny circle. If it's somewhat wet, leave it! Make sure it's absolutely dry. Then peel from BOTTOM -> TOP!!!! Not from the side, not from top. From the VERY BOTTOM! (make sure your hands are clean and free from bacteria before doing this)
  3.Wash off any excess pieces of the mask you have left. Pat dry with CLEAN TOWEL. Apply TUBE #3 Step3 PORE MOISTURIZING LOTION to get your pores back to regular size.
After one use, your face was noticeably brighter and felt smoother plus softer! Your white heads that were on the surface was gone! I mean I still had some left over but my skin felt smooth!


Darmacolo (Tatoo Cover Cream)

Rs.2000 Rs.

Product Details

The clinically tested, extreme covering make up cover was created as the first of its kind in europe and one of the first in the world. The license for this foundation was eventually sold to hollywood. It contains 50% pigments, which makes it a weapon against skin imperfections. Dermacol make-up cover provides perfect coverage even in thin layers and is the perfect corrector for dark under-eye, unpleasant spots and skin blemishes. It completely covers acne, loss of pigmentation, post surgical bruising, tattoos etc. It may be used on the entire face or body for color correction, darkening or lightening the skin tones and ensuring ideal balance. It is widely used as a professional make-up for photo or film shoots, modeling and for festive occasions.


Wax Vac Ear Vacuum Cleaner

Rs.999 Rs.1500

Product Details

Description :
Say goodbye to cotton swabs, a gentle and more effective alternative for cleaning your ears. It uses a mild air suction to draw out dirt particles and moisture out of the ear canal quickly and safely.

Product Details:-
No more poking, no more twisting and no more scrubbing.
Wax Vac eliminates the likelihood of painfully hitting your ear drum and will not leave tiny bits or strands of cotton that can block, instead of clean, your ear canal.
Simply attach the appropriate silicone tip on the WaxVac and insert in ear.
Includes Wax Vac ear cleaner, 8 color-coded silicone tips and cleaning brush.
Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)


2 in 1 Anti Snoring&Air Purifier

Rs.550 Rs.1000
  • Clean air, filtered air of harmful gases and dust
  • Insist on using can effectively alleviate asthma
  • Easy to wear (push it into your nostril tight) and take down
  •  Apply in many situation, indoor, outdoor, hospitals, etc.
  • Do not tear down this product, just wash it as a whole part, otherwise, it will be useless.
  • More, it needs to be used for few days, then you will get used to this product and take benefit from it.



Bio Magnetic Energy Bracelet

Rs.3500 Rs.5000

• It improves blood circulation
• It improves immune power
• It enhances energy level and vitality
• It regulates blood pressure
• It enhances body, brain, and mental power
• It helps in Insomnia or Sleeplessness, relieves stress and anxiety
• It relieves from Constipation and Respiratory problems
• It reduces pain in Arthritis and Rheumatism, Backache, Headache etc.
• It assists your body to heal itself faster
• It promotes cell regeneration
• It is used in cancer also


Detoxi Slim Capsule

Rs.1200 Rs.1500

Detoxi Slim Fast Slimming Capsule helps reduce appetite and fat absorption, while blocking starch and sugar. The formula is for those with difficulty in losing weight and resistant to weight loss products. It contains high fibers serving as a laxative to help promote a healthy glowing skin. The product is formulated with 100% natural extracts with no side effect and suitable for both men and women. It helps promote a slender, beautiful, firming, and healthy-looking body skin naturally


Beard Growth Oil

Rs.1500 Rs.2500

🔥 Grow Your beard now 🔥
100 % Organic & Natural with no Side Effect.