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Flawless Painless Hair Remover

Rs.1499 Rs.2000

Speciality of the Product

✔ Removes hair instantly and pain-free
✔ Perfect for facial hair
✔ Gentle on all skin types
✔ No bumps no redness no irritation


About The Product

✔ Requires 1 AA Battery - Included

✔ 18K Gold-Plated in Beautiful Rose Gold, Discreet and Portable

✔ Removes Facial Hair Instantly and Painlessly from Lip, Chin, Cheeks; Removes Peach Fuzz 

✔ This product is the authentic Flawless Hair Remover manufactured by Finishing Touch.

✔ Do not be fooled by counterfeits! The only Flawless Hair Remover is by Finishing Touch

✔Gentle Enough to Use Every Day - No Downtime Waiting for Regrowth; Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Recommended




Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

Rs.1299 Rs.
Original Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush - सस्तो मुल्यमा !
( 2 मिनेटमा नै तपाईं को कपाल स्ट्रेट गर्नुहोस बिना Damage )
👉🏽 Fast heat-up:1 minute heat up to 80℃ (180℉), 3 minutes 
heat up to the max 230℃ (450℉)


About the product

  • ✔ The brush that straightens your hair
  • ✔ Simply brush to smooth and straighten
  • ✔ Heats up to 450 degrees. To activate your brush, hold down the Power Button for about 2 seconds until the numbers appear on the display. Then press the +/- buttons until you've reached your desired temperature.
  • ✔ Hold down the start button for 3 seconds until display illuminates in order to turn on.
  • ✔ Brush your hair with the Simply Straight for perfectly straight hair in minutes

Perfectly Straight Hair Fast and Easy

  • ✔ Simply Brush to Smooth & Straighten
  • ✔ Salon Quality Results
  • ✔ Great For All Hair Types
  • ✔ Heats Up to 450 Degrees Farenheit
  • ✔ Anti-Frizz Ionic
  • ✔ Fast 2 Minute Heat Up
  • ✔ Only ETL version available on Amazon!!!
  • ✔ As Seen On TV
  • ✔ Lightweight Design

Simply Brush To Smooth and Straighten

Special ceramic-coated bristles heat up to just the right temperature to gently relax hair as you brush leaving you with silky-smooth straight hair in just minutes!


Important information

Safety Warning

Use only on clean dry hair, not on hair extensions. Do not use with hair products. Do not use while bathing


Ceramic hair straightening


Simply Plug in the Simply Straight, hold down the start button for 3 seconds until display illuminates, adjust to the proper temperature and you are ready to use. comb through hair with your normal brush. Brush your hair with the Simply Straight for perfectly straight hair in minutes


6 in 1 Epilator /Shaver massager

Rs.3000 Rs.3500


  • 👉Fast and easy way to remove unwanted hair from your legs and arms
  • 👉Removes even the nest hair from the root, lasting up to 4 weeks
  • 👉Re-growth hair is slower and finer
  • 👉Two speeds for different hair types


  • 👉Elastic shaving head with foil and 2 integrated long hair trimmers
  • 👉Perfect for bikini line and underarms
  • 👉Cord/cordless, can be used with or without the cord
  • 👉Rechargeable, can be used without cord for 40 minutes after full charge

3 in 1 Massager

  • 👉3 replaceable head, cleaning brush, sponge head and roller massage head
  • 👉Compact and light weight
  • 👉Use soft brush to exfoliate dead cells and unclog pores
  • 👉Soft sponge gently massages and cleans, leaving smooth and supple skin
  • 👉Use roller massage head to stimulate blood circulation


  • 👉Play and plug or rechargeable
  • 👉AC 220V 50Hz 3W
  • 👉Quick Charge
  • 👉40 minutes minimum charge before use


  • 👉Brand: Browns
  • 👉Rechargeable Hair Remover
  • 👉Active Massaging System – Stimulates and soothes the skin
  • 👉Textured Ceramic Discs – Gently grip, removing even finest hairs
  • 👉Active Hair Lifter – Vibrates and removes even flat-lying hairs
  • 👉Lithium-ion Battery – For long-lasting power
  • 👉Rechargeable economic and green environmental protection
  • 👉Silver Pd. alloy motor of high rotational speed
  • 👉Keep smooth for a long time
  • 👉With LED light

Gemei Professional Hair Dryer

Rs.1499 Rs.
  • 👉 The Gemei Professional Hair Dryer is specially designed with many features.
  • 👉 It comprises of 3 temperature settings and 3 speed settings.
  • 👉 The air inlet grill can be removed and cleaned to prevent build up, has a soft grip for ease of use, attachable nozzle for even heat distribution and a hanging loop design making it convenient to store.
  • 👉 Ensuring a salon finish every time you use it.
  • 👉 Features 3 temperature settings 2 speed settings Air intake filter Hanging loop design Attachable nozzle for even heat distribution Soft grip for ease of use Removable air inlet grill Easy to clean air inlet grill (to prevent build up)

Nova Hair Straightner N Curler

Rs.999 Rs.

NOva 2 in 1 Hair straightner and curler is dual hair styler which consist of hair straightner and curler. It consist of tempreture indicator which gives you perfect look every day.

Features :

-Consist of two styling feature in one iron.

-heat indicator which allows you to know the temperature of device.


Electric Trimmer For Women

Rs.899 Rs.

Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer For Women

  • - Gentle hair removal and precise shaping for your delicate body parts, ideal for upper lip, side burns and eyebrows
  • -  Quick and Gentle: Easily remove any unwanted hair in one go
  • -  High Precision: Dedicated accessories to get precise shaping and styling
  • -  Ideal also for quick touch-ups wherever you go
  • -  Wide Range of Accessories: 1 precision head, 1 bikini head, 2 combs, 1 beauty cap, 1 cleaning brush, 1 beauty pouch and AA battery
  • -  As its cutting blades don't touch the skin, there is no fear of cuts


The first Sweet beauty styler specially tailored for sensitive body parts such as upper lip, side burns and eyebrows. Precise and easy to handle, it removes hair gently while its cutting blade has no direct contact with the skin, so no fear of cuts. And as it is compact and elegant, you can put it in your handbag for quick touch-ups, anywhere, anytime. For perfect looking eyebrows, step 1 is trim. For desired eyebrow length just trim them. Use the small head and add the comb. Place the device over your eyebrow and move it against the direction of hair growth. For perfect looking eyebrows, step 2 is shape. For a perfect eyebrow contouring, remove the comb and use the high precision head. Touch skin lightly and push it across the eyebrow. For gently shaved or shaped bikini use the larger head. Touch skin lightly and move the device to the opposite direction of hair growth. For gently shaved or shaped bikini For trimming, add the comb and choose the desired length. 


✓ शरीरका विभिन्न भागहरुको रौहरु काट्न तथा Threading गर्न अतिनै सजिलो ।
✓ घरमा बसीबसी Threading गर्न मिल्ने भएकाले Parlour जाने समयको बचत ।
✓ Parlour जाने समयको र पैसाको बचत |
✓ Original branded Product

Black Mask

Rs.750 Rs.1000

Product Details

Aichun Beauty Black Mask Whitening Complex With Powerful Antioxidants Energize, 100ML
-Size: 60g
-Treatment & Mask
-Black mud face mask
-Function: Cleansing Blackhead and acne
-Type: Tearing-type mask
-Feature: Blemish Clearing, Firming, Pore Cleaner
-Deep Cleansing purifying peel off the Black head 


Nikai Hair Dryer

Rs.1050 Rs.1500


  • Excellent clipping function.
  • Wired/wireless operation.
  • Rechargeable 600mah battery included.
  • The clipper is allowed for about 45-60 min of wireless use.
  • When the battery's low-energy, the clipper can be plugged in for use.
  • It's easy for cleaning and replacing upct blades, with gentle clipping and scraping.
  • When not used, its blades can be unloaded for cleaning.
  • Interchangeable hair-beard trimmer and nose hair trimmer
  • Includes: cleanig blush, oil, charging cord, trimmer length adjust and nose clipper head

Sky Electric Eyebrow Pen

Rs.1500 Rs.


  • Sky Super Groomer Electric Eyebrow Pen:-
  • Sleek, Compact, and Cordless hair trimmer
  • Long lasting stainless steel blade
  • Great for shaping eyebrows and trimming delicate hairs in awkward places
  • Pivoting head follows the contours of your body
  • Includes eyebrow comb attachment and Cleaning Brush
  • Great for on the go - fits neatly into purse or bag
  • Powerful micro-motor and guarded blades for safety

Fast Hair Straightener Brush

Rs.2000 Rs.2500

Product Details

  • Highlights:-
  • High Quality,60 seconds give you perfect new beautiful hair style, non fuss use - simply brush through for sleek shiny straightened hair.
  • Easily straighten hard to reach areas such as the crown of your hair as pictured below.Negative Ions reduce frizz while Thermostat plates smooth cuticles.
  • Brushing action reduces risk of dry damaged hair unlike traditional hair straighteners.
  • No burn : When the comb plate reaches 200 degree, the comb top only 50 degree, that will not burn your skin ,it can help message your head and relax you.
  • No harm: It produce anion when work , that remove hair static electricity, also anion can combine with air to produce moisture, help nurish your hair .
  • LCD screen display .
  • 360 degree rotatable wire which avoids the wire twining .


  • Voltage: DC110v-220v
  • Power : 29 W
  • Wire length: about 230cm
  • Heating time / optimal styling time : 30 seconds
  • Straighten hair time: 5 seconds . comb it and become straight during 5 seconds .
  • Thermostatic : 185 degree
  • Max temperature: 230 degree
  • Min temperature: 80 degree


  • For thicker hair: 210-230 degrees Celsius are generally selected.
  • For common hair: 190-210 degrees Celsius are generally selected.
  • For thin hair: 170-200 degrees Celsius are generally selected.
  • Suppose you’ve chosen the low temperature to deal with your hair, more time will be required.
  • Please press on-off key and hold for 3 seconds to turn it on, and press on-off key and hold for 3 seconds to turn it off.
  • According to personal’s habit to use this hair straighter and it has no direction.


  • Please keep you hair clean and dry, comb it through before use the hair straightener.
  • Insert the plug into a proper socket to keep the straightener will charged.
  • Turn it on and adjust a proper temperature, you can use when the temperature reach that you want.
  • In the process of using, one hand pulls hair end and comb with straightener.
  • If you want to keeps straight hair last longer, please use hair styling lotion and softener lotion and wash clean before hair straightening.
  • It should not clip too much hair, if you want to clip more hair, you should be slow down the speed in the process of drawing.
  • It will be turned off by an hour automatically, turn it on when you use against.

Safety Precautions:-Ensure the proper use of this product, please note the safety precautions as following security matters.
Don’t allow children below 14years to use this product without existence of an adult.
Keep it dry and don’t use it in bathroom and wet area.
Don’t knock it and fall off from high-attitude, please don’t use if there is any damage.
Please don’t rework, dismantle and repair this product.
This product can’t be put into the fire or external heating.


Hair Instyler (original)

Rs.2400 Rs.3000

Hair Instyler (original)


Snail White Whipp Soap

Rs.1500 Rs.2500
  • -Soap whip whipp foam soap whipp foam snail Premium grade mesh Soap of New Skin Soap Foam Whip Foam For gentle cleansing of the skin. With the extract of the leaves of the berries. And three plant extracts, including chrysanthemum, eucalyptus And sunflower oil.
  • -Reduce inflammation. Skin appears radiant, healthy and natural.
  • -Blended with hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin. Make your skin radiant, youthful, healthy and natural.